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Catalyst Fund Management invests in the growth of businesses in a growing industry sectors, while building long-term relationships with founders and investors. With expertise in maximizing the value of income and alternatives investments, we continue to expand our capacity to to provide value for investors and building our reputation as a leading investment manager, and making a poisitive impact for minority entrepreneurs.

We Grow Competitive Businesses with the Capacity to Grow

We are an Investment firm that leverages business develop expertise to generate significant and sustainable value over the business lifecycle.


Catalyst takes a private equity approach to investing in undervalued middle-market opportunities, in emerging markets opportunities.


We take an active role in assisting founders and managers in leveraging capital to optimize operations and maximize returns.


Catalyst positions its investments for market growth and expansion by leveraging research and data driven market research, integrative market strategies and responsive product development.

Start With a Free Consultation

Your success starts with you! If you want to grow your business or at least expand your businesses capacity to compete in the global economy by accessing the capital, expertise and connections you need to grow, then contact us today!  We will discuss your needs and the services we provide to assist you in reaching your objectives.

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